Friday, September 11


Ah. I've just returned from a shopping paradise. I'm still coming down from my high. HEMA. Are you familiar with it? It is a Dutch based store with an assortment of just about everything - cosmetics, craft supplies, toys, clothes, housewares. If I were to compare it to a U.S. chain it would be closest to Target only smaller. It sells well designed inexpensive merchandise. Well designed and DUTCH designed, I may add.

It was one of those stores where my pulse increased as I looked around. My eyes started jerking from item to item. I picked up the same things again and again. Want it. No I don't need it. Want it. No I don't need it. But I REALLY want it. That whole inner battle begins. Ahem, I don't think I need to tell you what side won today.

I don't like buying lots of stuff. Stuff I know I don't need. Stuff I know will just collect dust. It's ugly. The over consumption is ugly. And, honestly, I rarely do it. I'm not a shopper. I'm not a buyer. But today. Today I did. I left with a bag full of totally cute, pointless stuff. Okay, there was one tube of toothpaste in there that we did need. The rest. Nope. It was all an emotional want. The scary thing. I can't wait to go back.

Their party section was mind blowing. See that garland? I bought one. 1.65 euros. Am I having a party? No. But I could.

The toy section was full of the most adorable things you've ever seen. I shared my buying frenzy with the girls by letting them each pick out something that was less than 10,00 euros. See that red and white polka-dot lunch box? It had a smaller one inside. It was hard to resist. But I did.

Socks? TDF. I have 3 new pairs. Yes, they are all striped.

Look at this little Dutch Kids nightie. Are you flippin' kidding me? So cute. There was even a duvet cover in a similar pattern. I'm going to buy the girls their Christmas jammies here. I am. Guess I'll have to go back.

Don't EVEN get me started on the card and gift wrapping aisle. I managed to restrain myself to only 2 packs of note cards. Hey, I send notes. Haven't you gotten one? Um, international mail takes a while. Really.

Dishtowels? I do have a weakness for them. 2 new red and white ones are now mine. At only 1 euro each they were basically free, right?

See that Pirate Duvet cover? If you have a boy you should really be asking me to buy that for you. Actually the one I liked the best had a huge tree on it with forest animals scatted on and around it. Honestly, I kept searching my mind for how I could use it and why I needed it. Sadly I came up with nothing so it stayed at HEMA.

It is such a good thing Emily and I didn't stumble upon HEMA while she was visiting. Oh, the baby clothes!!! I think I did enough damage for the baby without her. He'll be the cutest Hawaiian Dutch boy EVER!!

p.s. How much do you think I spent - euros or dollars?


Leslie said...

wow...i can see how this store would make anyone throw their feelings about consumerism down the drain!!!! This stuff is amazing...i was drooling over every single picture. How i wish i could go to that store. I would likely be broke if i did but man i would be happy....i am guessing you spent about 30 euros

suddenly sahm said... The dishtowels. I have a little dishtowel problem. Lucky you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my do I want to SHOP! Wonder if they do mail order... ;)

Emily Malate said...

I forgot to tell you Jeff and I wandering into one in Amsterdam. I had the same reaction as you - and almost even bought hte same things (dish towels, socks), the baby clothes were totally cute, Jeff had to tear my away. I think it was much smaller than the one you went to.
If it wasn't for my tired feet I could've stayed in there for hours!!
It is totally like a dutch target!!

swissluxi said...

I love Hema too, every time I am in Esch/Alzette I have to quickly stop by and see if they have anything new :-).
Which Hema did you go to? Is there one in Lux-city?

katy said...

Leslie - I'm so glad you see why my self control was shot! I spent more than 30 euros (gulp)

SAHM - didn't know we share a dishtowel fascination. i sense a care package in your future :) what colors would work best with your kitchen? can't remember the paint color.

allthingsjuice - wouldn't that be wonderful. i was thinking they should just open a shop in the U.S. They would make a fortune.

Emily - not surprised you sniffed this store out. glad jeff pulled you out before you bought any baby stuff. wouldn't want any duplicates with the stuff i purchased :)

swissluxi - i went to the one in Mersch. so glad it is 35 minutes away, that way i can't just "stop by."

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I would have also gone a little crazy in the dish towel and toy area...such cute stuff. Need to check the website and search for other locations.

se7en said...

Oh WoW - definitely one to avoid... at all cost!!! Awww those Miffy socks are so very cute!!! Have a great weekend with all your loot.

Helen said...


I'm British but lived in Sweden and Germany and now America. I found your blog a week or two ago and LOVE it! The perfect mix of American and European - oh how they have the best design, and those bizarre parks with a petting zoo and beer garden are great.

How did you get 3 columns?


Dana said...

oh me, oh my! what a wonderful store.

life with my sweeties said...

I want to shop there too!! Oh my.

Small said...

hi, I came across your blog while searching info on life in Luxembourg, it's lovely, always so colourful : ) there is a shop that you might find interesting - bastelkiste ( ), it's near the railways station in luxembourg.

Unknown said...

I know my M has clicked on the HEMA link about 100 times just to see the whole animation process... it's too funny!!

I'm loving the pirate sheets!!

Catherine said...

I can't resist Hema either, it's a curse ;-) I ALWAYS end up with more than I wanted to buy...

Heather - said...

Okay, that place looks awesome. I wonder if they have them in Austria? Another place I'll need to schedule in a trip to when I go visit the in-laws. :)

poppyart said...

wow. well worth a visit.... you were being VERY restrained. i suffer a similar process when visiting Ikea... do i need it. no. do i want to consume more stuff. no. well, just this tiny thing...considering your thought processes, i would have guessed you spent around £25 prob 30 euros. and well done to you! xx

suddenly sahm said...

I can probably *arrange* for you to draw me for xmas. ;)

My kitchen is browns, oranges, greens, yellows. I am trying to introduce more blue to that palette, though.

I'm so jealous...Dutch Ikea...who knew?!

Erin M. said...

Do they have a Hema in Lux now? I know they were planning to put one in, but I had to trudge to Arlon for my fix of pointless cute items from Hema... I'm still using their super cute 'to-do' list book though... and wondering how to replace it when it's used up!

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