Wednesday, September 9

Right Now: Early September

Feeling a bit quiet and reflective this evening. I've seen this "Right Now" series on a few blogs and thought I'd give it a go.

... The Godfather II

smelling... clean clothes on the line

reading... hotel descriptions on

enjoying... the warm sunny days and cool mornings

listening... to the chatter in my mind

knowing... fall is on it's way

drinking... sparkling lemonade

wanting... to catch up

embracing... the transition coming our way

What about you?


suddenly sahm said...

What transition is coming your way???

ksjjpalmer said...

Beautiful colorful girls and clothes!

Jessica said...

I'm loving watching the leaves change ever so slightly every day outside of my window.

katy said...

SAHM - back to school next week . . . for Audie too (3 Xs a week anyway, fingers crossed)

ksjjpalmer - thanks! I love my "pink load" of laundry!

Jessica - keep looking for the leaves to start changing here . . . anyday, I'm sure

jojoebi-designs said...

what a colourful washing line full of clothes you have!

looking forward to autumn, my fav. season in Japan.

Aimee said...

I so want that yellow Mexican embroidered tunic on your clothes line! Love your list.

Emily Malate said...

beautiful entry blog. one of my favorites that i've seen on sycamore stirrings.

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

I love your post today! Actually, I love all your posts, but today made me laugh as I've seen that you've discovered I love that website too, but it does take a great chunk of time to read through and decide which is best...

We too have been enjoying a "Quiet September" start as I've entitled it on my blog...Autumn is such a lovely month, though we don't get the bright fiery colours here as we do back home, be interesting to see how your fall colours shape up!

Lisa said...

Love the photos Katy! Your girls have a fabulous wardrobe of clothes!! And I love the Right Now post. I may have to try it, though mine would be quite depressing at the moment since I am consumed with this strike and it has me feeling down:-( Hopefully it will be resolved soon, but there isn't much sign of that happening.

christie said...

Love the right now post, katy. it brings closeness.
Also, I was thrilled to see the clothes line, knowing
that you have desired one since childhood.

Dana said...

love the colors :)

Anonymous said...

I just read your comment on Molly's blog (Foothill Home Companion) and I wanted to say hello after reading what you had to say! : )
I love, love your photos of laundry hanging on the line!! For some reason I adore clothesline shots! (I have some too a few posts down on my blog of my vintage aprons) Happy to find your blog, Enjoy your week : )

Monkey's Mama said...

your clothesline has much cuter clothes than ours! But we do have shark and monkey boxer briefs :)

katy said...

jojoebi - thank you! it is a happy, colorful load of laundry!

Aimee - i know, i love it too! my oldest has a bright fuchsia one. i'll be so sad when they grow out of them! the grandparents brought them back from Mexico.

Emily - thanks, sis!

Marcelle - is a TOTAL time suck and in the end it's really just a crap shoot anyway. But still I search, read, and gamble away.

I'm curious about the colors here too. We're so spoiled in the Pacific NW beautiful colors - lux has it's competition set out for it.

Lisa - I'm so sorry about the strike! It's a totally different perspective being a mother than being a teacher or a student. I thought Kent just lost a bunch of teachers last year. Seems like a strange time to strike (but what do I know anymore ) Fingers crossed for you!

Mom - thank you! I'll do a post like this again.

Dana - thank you!

gardenmama - checked out your blog as well. Beautiful pictures!!

Monkeymama - sharks and monkeys can be cute too. just different :)

life with my sweeties said...

I posted my list on my blog.

Jenni said...

that's the prettiest clothesline i ever saw. my daughter has the first pink Hannah dress on the left.

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