Thursday, December 24

Christmas Cookie Line-up

I've decided that I'm only loyal to two Christmas cookies - thumbprints and gingerbread. Any others that I make will be dependent upon my mood and energy level. Done are Russian Tea Cakes. I've always made them because I grew up with them. The truth is no one really ever eats them. I end up throwing a bunch away each January. Sugar cookies? Yes, they are delicious, but they can be made for Valentine's Day or Halloween. Gingerbread cookies are just as fun to decorate and make the house smell Christmas-y.

Here is what came out of the kitchen this year:
Gingerbread Hedgehogs (thanks to the mold I bought here)

Gingerbread mushrooms (yes, I know same dough, just a different shape. I'm a slacker, what can I say?)

Chouquettes - not Christmas cookies, true, but I saw the recipe here and it looked easy enough for even me to make. I thought it would make me feel French and fancy. A feeling every woman should have once in a while. It did. They are good.

I'm not feeling like such a Debbie Downer today. We had a really nice Christmas Eve. We took the girls to see their *first* theater movie. And can I say that it was fabulous! I am not a Disney person by any stretch of the imagination, BUT the movie was fantastic. Bryce made chicken picatta for dinner and the girls opened their new nighties before bed. Now Bryce is assembling their Santa gifts and I'm trying to finish off a bottle of Beaujolais Nouveau from dinner. Making progress, I may add.

Merry Christmas to you all. Embrace the holiday chaos, be thankful for friends and family and take comfort in your traditions. You'll notice if they are not there.

See you in the New Year.


Lisa said...

Merry Christmas to you! I hope you enjoy a quiet and relaxing day with your sweet family. Thanks for the movie review. Like you, I am not a big fan of Disney flicks but think we will probably be seeing this one since Nora has taken a liking to all things princess related, a phase Madison never hit. Enjoy your day!!

Tara said...

Love to you! We have a houseful - mom, Angie, etc... Wishing we could see you and celebrate together. Take care.

Potters said...

Love the hedgehog cookies - too cute! Merry Christmas! Missing you at bookclub.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Those are some of the cutest cookies I have seen in a long time...especiallly the mushrooms and the hedgehog...I am such a sucker for hedgehogs! Never used a mold before, is it easy?

Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family! Wishing you all the best in 2010. May it be a year filled with joy, peace, good crafting, happy traveling, and lots of magic.

ksjjpalmer said...

Merry Christmas. We watched on the computer as Santa hit Luxembourg! Jacob was very excited for you guys. Love the cookies!

Emily Malate said...

love the mushie cookies!

likeschocolate said...

Merry Christmas! The hedgehog cookies are adorable!

Erin M. said...

How did Audrey like the movie? Anna has been fascinated with all things princess recently, but I didn't think we'd go see it since it looked a like there were some scary villains. How did it go?

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