Tuesday, April 20

Now, where were we?

postcard from Rothenburg
Oh, yes, back from Prague. Before I can go on and tell you about Prague I must tell you about the impressive little town we stopped in on the way - Rothenburg ob der tauber (yes, all 4 names are important as there are other Rothenburgs in Germany.) Rothenburg is a perfectly preserved, walled medieval town. It oozes German charm with it's cobble stone streets, pastel colored buildings and street side fountains. Rothenburg is a very popular stop along the Romantic Road.
Exit to the town's gardens
A gate on the western side of the town.
door in Rothenburg
View of the wall and town
A view of the wall and the town.
Pink Forget-me-nots
Snow Balls
Schneeballen close-up
The town's signature sweet - Schneeballen (snowball) They are basically wadded up balls of pie crust with icing or sugar on them. As impressive as they looked, they fell short on taste. Audrey enjoyed hers, at least the chocolate part.
Walking in the wall
Walking inside the wall.
From the wall
Looking out from the wall.
Main Square Rothenburg
The main square.
Color in Rothenburg
After a restful night sleep and a bit more site seeing we were ready for our journey to Prague.
A few more pictures here.


Juleskis said...

What a pretty little town! So much to see over there...I just coudln't get it all in in just 14 days!
But we did GOOOD! :)

Monkey's Mama said...

gorgeous photos!

Emily Malate said...

beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a clear crisp day. I want that chocolate dough ball now.
My meal request when I come back to visit:
pomme frittes
belgian waffle
sprutngellen thing

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness - I've actually been there! My sister took me when I went to visit her in Germany. It is a cute little town.

ksjjpalmer said...

I stopped in Rothenberg during my post college back-packing travels in 1989. Very cute town! I think I even have a pic of the McDonald's sign which blended in with all of the others. Thanks for the memory.

likeschocolate said...

It is amazing this town survived the War. Dresen was flatened and most of Frankfurt too. I am glad you tried the Schneeball. While I like the taste, I thought they were a little dry. It is something you have to try at least once since you will not find them any where else in Germany.

Road Trippers said...

Oh, I LOVE that door with the heart cut-out. I'm thinking you love Germany the most...

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