Wednesday, April 21

A break

Saarburg Postcard
into real time for a minute. Had a wonderful day trip today, must tell you about it while it's fresh in my mind. I simply love these school day get-aways, definitely a perk of being an expat. Can't imagine stealing away at home, back in Seattle to explore.
Saarburg on the Saar River
The destination today was Saarburg. A darling little town on the Saar river in the Rhineland state of Germany. Perhaps the most special feature of this town is the Leuk rivulet that flows right through the Old Town. There are small metal bridges over the Leuk that connect a "piazza" on either side, giving Old Town the title of Little Venice of Saarburg. From one of the iron bridges you can see the Leuk cascading into a waterfall, crashing some 17 meters. Very impressive, indeed!
Auf dem Graben - "The little Venice of Saarburg"
We climbed 107 steps up the tower of Saarburg Fortress to enjoy the view of the Saar river valley. We perused the cute shops lining Old Town. We lunched by the side of the Leuk. {Insert satisfied sigh} Another great get-way!

P.S. I'm honored (and honestly quite surprised) to be in the top 3 of a blog post competition on Expatica Luxembourg. If you're so inclined, click here to vote for me (scroll down and go to page 2.) You have to register with the site to vote. Only takes a sec, tho. Just sayin'

P.P.S Prague posts are on their way (unless something earth shaking aka blog worthy happens in real time again. )


ksjjpalmer said...

I wish I could spend my days while kids are in school doing what you do! Instead, I fritter the time away. Love it!

Emily said...

cool! when we stayed in germany last october (and incidentally made a day trip to luxembourg), we stayed at the landel park above saarburg.

Road Trippers said...

You have so many destinations that are SO CLOSE!!!! It's so wonderful you get to enjoy them.

Potters said...

Add it to the list of places to visit. I love that you have the opportunity to do these day trips. Its so neat! Enjoy it all you can. :)

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing these last two posts. . . your images make me want to visit both places.

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