Wednesday, April 28

{ Prague } The Charles Bridge

The Charles Bridge is a major destination for tourists, and for good reason, it is incredible. The bridge crosses the Vltava River connecting Old Town to the Lesser Quarter; the area just below Prague Castle. There are 30 statues lining the bridge, mostly of Saints. Today, many of the statues have been replaced by replicas with the originals being placed in museums around Prague.
Statue on The Charles Bridge
Along with tourists the Bridge is full of artisans selling paintings,handicrafts. Street musicians and portrait makers also line the bridge. Walking across the bridge I was reminded of the Ponte Vecchio in Florence and Montmartre in Paris - in feeling, anyway.
Lunch by the Bridge
There is a great little park just below the bridge in the Lesser Quarter. We stopped there for the girls to have some kid time and for us to get a break from the crowds. Before heading back across to Old Town, my mom treated us to a very nice lunch right next to the park. It had views of the river and bridge. It was a wonderful afternoon.
On the Charles Bridge
Taking in the view
Statue on The Charles Bridge


likeschocolate said...

Stunning! I haven't been to there yet, but it is on my list of places to see someday.

Mom2Isabel said...

You've brought back wonderful memories for me.
Prague is a gorgeous city and was such a surprise to me.
Great pictures!

Tara said...

Gorgeous pics, Katy. You have such an eye. The one of Bryce is dear. I hope you are well. XO

Potters said...

I agree, you reminded me of some fun days. I loved our time there. Love your pictures and some of the way you choose to capture the city - very creative shots.

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