Tuesday, April 27

{ Prague } Old Town Square

Looking at Tyn Church

After a night's sleep we were ready for our first day in Prague. Honestly, I was still a bit off kilter after the previous day's debacle. I repeatedly found myself telling Bryce, I'll be better tomorrow. Really. I was back to myself the next day, thankfully.

We took a tram straight into Old Town and walked to the square. It was huge and the buildings were some of the most impressive I've ever seen! There was an Easter Market going on in the square. It looked very similar to the Christmas Markets in Germany as the square was filled with small little wooden stalls selling food, souvenirs and handicrafts. There was also a stage set up in the square.

Naturally the minute we made it to the square the girls were hungry or maybe it was thirsty, actually it was probably both. So we milled around, fed the girls, took photos and then walked to The Charles Bridge.

Here are a few pictures from Old Town Square:

Old Town Square
Tyn Church
Peeking at the Folk Dancers
Town Hall Clock
Painted Eggs


likeschocolate said...

What a beautiful city!

Jessica said...

I've always wanted to go to Prague! Lovely!

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