Monday, May 24

A different Bouillon

Boullion Chateau
We had such a fun weekend! Sunny skies, warm temperatures and friends visiting from the Pacific NW. On Sunday we took them to Bouillon, Belgium to see the chateau and raptor show. It was a completely different town than when Christina and I visited. It was swarming with people and energy, definitely not the sleepy little town I remembered.

Paddle Boating in Boullion, Belgium

The highlight of our visit to Bouillon was, without question was our paddle boat ride. We chose a boat with a pink dolphin as it's mascot. There were other animals to choose from - swans, flamingos, ducks, and even a dragon! The boat had exactly 6 seats and a fabric awning, perfect for us! It was such a fun activity for a hot, sticky afternoon. After our ride we indulged in some refreshingly cool, sweet gelato. As delicious as our trip to Bouillon.

On the Paddle Boat
Paddle Boat Ride
Boullion, Belgium
On the Paddle Boat
Cool Paddle Boats

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Road Trippers said...

Bouillon was such a highlight for me. We will remember that wonderful boat ride forever...and the chocolate, too. How much did I buy again? eeek.

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