Wednesday, September 29

Bread Break

Whole Wheat Flour
One more interruption to my Ireland posts - more brown bread! This afternoon I tried David Lebovitz's recipe. I'm excited to report that it was wonderful! To be fair, I think some of it may have to do with the fact that I found the proper type of flour. No more buckwheat, thank you very much. This flour is a fine whole wheat, non bread, flour. It is type 150. I found it at Auchan (for you locals.)
Ready to Bake
The recipe is huge so I made two loaves (as suggested by David) instead of 1. The loaves are shockingly heavy but very tasty. Once again I didn't bake them quite long enough. The loaves were just done although a little too tender. I don't understand the whole - tap the bottom of the loaf - it will sound hollow if the loaf is done - thing. Every recipe I read gave this method for determining done-ness. How do you tap an oven hot loaf of bread without burning your hand? I don't get it. Anyway. I think these loaves needed about an hour. I gave them 50 min. Next time I'll get it right. Famous last words.
Brown Bread
I love this bread toasted. It is delicous broiled with cheddar cheese and tomatoes on top. This post concludes my brown bread obsession. Thanks for standing by.


David said...

Glad you tried Chef O'Callaghan's bread! I left some comments on my site for you, but to tap the bottom, the loaf can be overturned with the help of a dishtowel if you wish and just tap the bottom with your fingers.

I like the two smaller loaves you made, too. Good idea! : )

Emily said...

I admire your determination!

Dana said...

Thanks for sharing the recipe and tips. I don't get the doneness test either. Hopefully in a few weeks we'll have time to try it here, too.

Jennifer said...

I can confirm that it was indeed delicious. Thanks for sharing!

Emily said...

hmmm...might have to try this recipe! when we were in ireland (my favorite european trip, by the way) we also had some amazing brown bread at one particular restaurant. i stupidly did not ask what it was or for the recipe. it never occurred to me that it might be whole wheat irish soda bread!

do you know cook's illustrated? in their baking illustrated book they say that tapping on the bottom for doneness is an "inexact" method at best and recommend taking the temperature with an instant read thermometer (190 degrees for their soda bread recipe).

and also they said that because of ireland's climate the wheat grown there is a "soft" or low protein variety. so they recommend a mix of lower-protein all purpose flour (like gold medal or pillsbury), whole wheat flour, and cake flour. though in all our time in switzerland i never did find cake flour, and i'd imagine it's the same in lux. something to try out upon return to the states?

katy said...

David - Thanks for the explanation. Made another *just* done loaf today. Still didn't do the tap test. Next time, perhaps.

Emily - Thanks! You'd be determined to if you tasted this bread :)

Dana - Do give the recipe a try. I made it again today and it really is delicious.

Jennifer - I have more bread for you!!

Emily - I read that about the soft flour too. You're right about finding it in Lux. There is lots of flour variety, but usually not the variety I want :) I've seen pastry flour . . .but not cake. Is there a difference? Who knows. I'm going to stick with the Type 150 I found.

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