Monday, September 27

Destination Dingle

The drive to Dingle was just as beautiful as Dingle itself. First we crossed the Shannon River by ferry (very windy!)then drove to the Dingle Peninsula.
Shannon River Ferry
Keeping out of the wind
Shannon Ferry
Dingle is a darling little town complete with a famous dolphin. Living in Dingle Bay is a dolphin named Fungie. He has been swimming around in the Bay for 27 years now. We took a boat trip to meet Fungie, the famous bottlenose dolphin of Dingle, and as expected he was more than willing to pay us a visit. We were also joined by a few of Fungie's friends who swam into the bay. It really was exciting to see the dolphins. I think it was quite a memorable experience for the girls. Not surprisingly, we came home with 2 dolphin stuffies as souvenirs.
Looking for Fungie the Dolphin
Fungie and Girls
Here are a few more pictures of Dingle Bay.
Boat in Dingle Bay
Kayakers in Dingle Bay
Dingle Bay
Dingle Bay
More from Dingle soon!


christie said...

Great photos of Dingle...

se7en said...

Oh Wow... So much to see!!! Lovely!!!

Millie said...

Such lovely photos...I have never been to Dingle. It does look lovely and Fungi really is famous, in Ireland anyway!

Anonymous said...

Wow! We spent Christmas in 1992 in a rented cottage on the Dingle Peninsula. Have to say, it looks a lot more welcoming in September than it did in late December - cold, gray and rainy. Still a magical place, however. I've always wanted to go back in the spring or summer. Thanks for sharing :o)

likeschocolate said...

Lovely! Did your girls like Ireland?

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