Thursday, December 9

Gift Ideas

Here is a collection of cool things that I've been meaning to share with you. Sort of a gift guide. Sort of just a random list.

Frietag Bags - These are so cool. Frietag is a Swiss company that makes bags and other accessories. Their products are made from truck tarpaulins, car seat belts, airbags, and bicycle inner tubes. Neat, huh? The bags have a study, masculine look. The downside to these products is their expense. The Wayne pouch I had all picked out for a certain husband turned out to be 75,00 euros (that's $99.00 my friends.) Yes, they seem bomb proof. Yes, they are cool. Yes, they are made from recycled products. But, $99.00 for a bag to carry a toothbrush and deodorant? Um, no. But maybe a yes for you. Who knows.

Sticky Mosaics - These are color-by-numbers pictures. Instead of paint or marker though, there are little sticker squares to fill in the color. 4 pictures come in a pack. There are boy and girl packs (apologies for the gender stereotyping.) Would make great birthday gifts too.
Microplane - My mom gave me one of these for my birthday. I just LOVE it! It is razor sharp and so easy if you just need a little zest or Parmesan.

David Lebovitz' - List of favorite cookbooks of 2010. Farmer's Market Desserts and The Country Cooking of Ireland both caught my eye. I'm secretly hoping for an Ina Garten cookbook this year, though.
Guinness Book of World Records - Soooo up a childs' alley! The biggest in the world?! The tallest?!? The longest finger nails?!? Eva and I have been talking about this book for quite a while now. I know she is going to love looking through the book.

Roald Dahl book collection - Yes, this may not be the type of gift with a big WOW factor. But I have no doubt that each book will be read and re-read again and again. In 10 years this collection will still be on your child's shelf.Threadless - My sister is loving this site. Super cute threads for the smallies. Maybe you have some in your life that could use a hip little T-shirt? Seems like this is the place to buy them.

I don't know what is up with me and these gift guides. huh. I'm just going to go with it, though.


swissluxi said...

I love Freitag bags, but they are indeed quite expensive. Have you ever seen a picture of their flagship shop in Zurich:

The Expatresse said...

You will use that microplane for all sorts of stuff. I love mine.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, you'd think being recycled and all they'd pass the savings on!
(ok, i know..)
My interest in Ina Garten recently piqued after finding a beautiful lemon mousse recipe from hers on another blog.(
The Guinness Book of endless source of fascination for kids..I actually was trying to recycle ours from 2007 and no one would let me!

ksjjpalmer said...

We love our microplane and Roald Dahl collection! Jacob would LOVE the Guiness World Records book. He is our fact man. Great idea!

Dana said...

I like the bags. I stumbled upon something very similar in Barcelona last year, only the price was not so steep. Check it out:

I have to tell you, I bought the sticky mosaics first as gifts for others, and then for my daughter. SHe's just not interested in doing it. It sits in the pile of unused toys.

Do you love Ina Garten? I've just borrowed the Back to Basics book from the library -- loving it.

Have a great day!

Road Trippers said...

Hey, the lemon zester!!! Yay!!

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