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Living in Luxembourg

So, now you've moved here. What next? Here is a list of some of the things to experience here in the Grand Duchy. This list is by all means exhaustive. These are just the things we've experienced and enjoyed.

Castles in Luxembourg
Goodbye Castle
Useldange Castle
Beaufort Castle

Day Trips From Luxembourg City

Metz,  France
Metz, France
Trier - Palace of the Electors
Trier, Germany
Boullion Chateau
Bouillon, Belgium
Looking at Rodemack, France
Rodemack, France
Redu, Belgium
Malbrouck Castle
Malbrouk Castle - Manderen, France
Auf dem Graben - "The little Venice of Saarburg"
Saarburg, Germany
Burg Eltz
Burg Eltz - Germany
Bastogne, Belgium
Petite Switzerland, Luxembourg

Holidays and Festivals

St. Nicholas Day

Easter Bird Whistle Market (Peckvillcher)



3 King's Day or Epiphany



List of Holidays and Traditions in Luxembourg (written in French)
Take the Kids

Butterfly Garden

Park Merveilleux

Zoo D'Amneville (France)

Ice Skating

Good Places to Eat

Chez Bacano - order the Scampis Flamb├ęs or just go home.
Brasserie Mansfeld
Tout pour toi - Reserve a table upstairs
Goethe Stuff
Bosso Brasserie- Very friendly staff. A great place to take guests after touring the Grund. The goat cheese salad is tdf.
HaPP - Owned and run by Icelandic peeps. Their food it fresh, tasty and very healthy! They offer lunches to go. You can even order a day's worth of meals or a detox bag. I will miss HaPP when I move home.

Family Friendly, good food, comfortable atmosphere:
Antica Trattoria

Fancy a Curry?

Learn Something

Second Degree - Courses in English. I just finished the Practical Photography class. It was exactly what I was hoping for - very technical as the first 1/2 of the session focused solely on how to use your SLR.

L'Atelier de Cuisine Bertrand - cooking classes. Take one in an afternoon with some friends. Also does children's birthday parties.

Spice Curry - Indian cooking classes taught by Sunita. You can take them through Second Degree or set something up with Sunita herself. Some friends and I took an afternoon session with her; learned a lot and had a great time.


Martens - They will climb up into the underside of your car and chew through hoses or any rubber parts. Don't laugh, this really happens. We were in the Ardenne in Belgium when a marten got our car. Our neighbors told us that they have a sounding device installed in their car that keeps the martens out.

Ticks - Yup. Hedgehog ticks and sheep ticks (the ones that carry Lymes disease) are found here too. Tick season is from spring to fall.

Little Differences - Small things that are different in Luxembourg from my home in Seattle (and America.)

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edited Feb. 2011

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Henley on the Horn said...

How amazing that you have seen all of these places in person!

The Expatresse said...

Oh, thank you for the list. I bookmarked it to keep for ideas for guests.

I have a notebook I write things in, too. Sort of a Wish List as I haven't tried those ideas yet. Always good to have someone's Seal of Approval.

Maarten said...

Great post, thanks. We'll have to check out Chez Bacano some time, we live close-by but it didn't look super inviting at first.

Can you recommend which of the castles is the most fun with young kids (3-5yo), e.g. one where they can run around a bit, and that gives a real good feel of being in the castle?

Jason H said...

Now you are just torturing those of us that would love to live in a country we saw too little of on our trip.

se7en said...

That's amazing!!! A whole list of everything!!! It is simply incredible how much you guys have managed to see!!!

http://abebedorespgondufo.blogs.sapo.pt/ said...

Very good.

katy said...

Expatresse - What is on your list? I'd love to read it!

Maarten - Chez Bacano is not fancy at all by Luxembourg standards. Just go for the flaming garlic scampi. And bring a bib :) I think Vianden is the closest to what you are describing. It has lots of rooms to walk through and quite a few artifacts. Also, the town of Vianden is darling and perfect for lunch after your castle trip.

Jason - I took a picture of that restaurant you and Bonnie asked me about. It is called Le Boucherie. I'm not sure where I dumped the pics on my computer, but if I run into them, I'll send them to you. Come back to visit again!

Lena said...

Wow! What a great synopsis! Apparently I need to work on getting back there ASAP to see the rest! If only... :)

ROROISM said...

THANK YOU. need /will be able to start serious sightseeing this spring

margo said...

Hi, I found your blog and hubby is considering an offer on moving to Lux. Love my kids to learn French!
How are the schools in teaching it?
My kids don't really know a word :(
Were your kids able to learn French through the private schools there?
About how long might it take?
I have a boy, age 3 and a daughter age 10.
Thanks for your time and the wealth ov information you have here! WOW!

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