Monday, April 4

Bits of Bruges

Not surprisingly our visit to Bruges was very Belgian. Due to it's northern location, our visit was also quite Dutch. A delightful combination, I must say! I'll leave it to you to classify these pictures yourself.

Frites in Bruges
Longest Frite in Bruges
Bruges Canal
Belgian Beer
Belgian Chocolate
The Chocolate Line - Bruges

Are you curious about that chocolate with a cigar printed on it? It is from a chocolate shop called The Chocolate Line. It is marinated in rum, cognac and Cuban tobacco leaves (technically, making it illegal in the US.) I read the description of this chocolate in my Best of Europe book by Rick Steves' and *had* to try it. It was delicious - lots of flavor, no tobacco yuckiness.


christie said...

chocolate with liquor seems to be very european.
I remember it from many years ago in Amsterdam.
The beer looks good and so do Wendy, Bryce and
Audrey. love the snapshots of Bruges. mom

Road Trippers said...

Glad you're back posting. I've missed Sycamore. So, I'd like some frites, a walk along the canal, a beer and a taboo tobacco chocolate ...right this minute please.

se7en said...

Would you look at those faces!!! And the windmill. And I just love the stepped gables!! Lovely!!!

Jason H said...

I wasn't too far from Bruges last week. I guess I need to add it to my list of places to go next time I am in Belgium. Thanks for all the small sidetrip reports you have done. It has been invaluable for me to plan trips.

Sadly no small towns last week, took my 13 year old brother to Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris for his spring break. So it was only big towns and tourist sights, but he is sold on Europe now.

Liesal said...

Hmm, still eating French fries with ketchup. You must still be in Belgium.:)

katy said...

Mom - thank you!

Road Trippers - I'd love to give you those things!! Believe me. Someday soon. xo

se7en - Thank you. The gables are great, aren't they?

JasonH - So close yet so far! There is nothing wrong with tourist places!! They are popular for a reason - they are amazing. Glad your brother loved Europe. Put Bruges on your list for next time. It is worth a full day!

Liesal - Ha! You're right. No mayo for my two.

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