Wednesday, July 6

Chips and Crisps

In addition to their super fun language I also love the food culture of the English. No, it doesn't mean that I want to tuck into a steak and kidney pie. It just means that I have so enjoyed learning about (and sometimes trying) the food that is unique to them.


brown sauce ~ mash ~ golden syrup ~ treacle ~ Marmite ~ double cream ~ fairy cakes ~ buns ~ pies ~ puddings ~ cakes ~ gherkins ~ Jaffa cakes ~ lager ~ mince ~ mushy peas ~ lemonade ~ sponge ~ porridge ~ Pimms ~ sweets ~ take-aways ~ tins of tomatoes ~ cider ~ biscuits ~ courgettes ~ aubergine ~ bangers ~ sweet corn ~ ginger beer ~ iced lollys


Making Flapjacks
On a girls weekend in London back in January I was introduced to another - Flapjacks! To an American a flapjack is a pancake. To the English it is a delicious cake purchased at Marks and Spencer. Sold in tubs and priced at 2 for 4£ they are impossible to resist.
Golden Syrup
I found a recipe online and tried my hand at making my own Flapjacks. Tasty but nothing like the real deal. If you ever visit a Marks and Spencer you *must* buy a tub. Or 2.



Potters said...

The pictures already made me curious. And then I checked the recipe online, oats, sugar, butter. Yes, please! Your speaking my language. :)

jojoebi-designs said...

try my recipe, there is a printout to go with it...

American in Bath said...

Yum. And I am not allowed to have them because I enjoy them soo much.

Alex said...

Noooooo....although M&S is a British institution, their flapjacks are not the real deal. You have to make them yourself - sometimes they come out a little crunchy - sometimes chewy. But home made trumps shop bought any day. With added addition of being able to lick the bowl out.

Dana said...

Thanks for the tip!

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