Wednesday, March 5

Busy Big Sister

Look at what came in the mail for me! It's from Lisa of Franny Kate Creations. Lisa made such a thoughtful Big Sister Busy Box for my oldest that I asked her for help in creating one for my niece. The contents arrived today and they are great! She out did herself - paper dolls, card making kit, gardening craft kit and beading supplies, just to name a few.
My FAVORITES are the Little Mouse Magnet Game and the Exercise Dice Game. Lisa included an extra Mouse game for my girls saying that it would be a hit with my youngest. It is, but, it is an even bigger hit with my 4 year old. We played this game post dinner to bedtime! The brilliance of this game is that it sticks on the fridge so the kids can play it (okay, I have to play too) while I get dinner ready or clean up. With my youngest we just turned it into a game of peek-a-boo with the mouse hiding under a house.

The Exercise Dice Game is going to be perfect for my niece as she is a very busy, physical child. Between the tossing of the cubes, the counting and exercising it is sure to keep her occupied while tiring her out at the same time. Pure genius.

1 comment:

Lisa said...

So glad you liked everything and the girls are enjoying the mouse game. I need to quickly get a set made for my own girls as they were a bit upset that I was making them for others!

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