Thursday, March 6

Following Larry

After seeing the Fremont Troll, the next Seattle landmark my oldest wanted to see was Hammering Man. I thought it would be fun to combine our viewing of Hammering Man with a trip into the Seattle Art Museum so we took advantage of SAM's free admission on the first Thursday of the month.

My daughter was a bit nervous about seeing Hammering Man because its described in Larry Gets Lost in Seattle as a giant. Before we set out, there were lots of questions about just how big this sculpture would be. Bigger than Daddy? Taller than the house? Then the questions about the hammer started. Does it move
? Is it fast or slow? How does it move? I think my answer included something about a big battery pack.

We skipped poor Hammering Man and went right inside as a potty was
needed and SOON! We went through the permanent collection noting the Jackson Pollack, the Native American pieces, and the Aboriginal art from Australia - look at all those dots!

20 minutes later we were back outside viewing our man, hammering away. There we took some pictures, watched a few pigeons and then headed back to the car. We said goodbye to Hammering Man again this time from the car.

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