Thursday, April 24

Blog Projects

If you haven't checked out The Crafty Crow yet, you really must. My oldest and I just tried the Straw Painting. She was so into it! It ended when I started to worry about her passing out from all the blowing. Here are the top 3 projects I'd like to get to next:

1) Homemade Chia Pet
2) Paper Doll Chains
3) Nature Boxes

Separate from kid projects, I stumbled across The Purl Bee ~ an absolute GOLDMINE. It is full of fabulous projects, tutorials and loads of inspiration. Here are the 3 projects that I'm newly obsessed with:

1) ZigZag Quilt
2) Good Luck Gift Bags
3) Swatch Portraits


Dawn said...

Ah, I have fond memories of straw painting and the dizziness that always ensues... :)

Lisa said...

We have done the chia pets, and I have a slight variation that I like even better (and would use some up your fabric!!). I will try to post it on my blog!

katy said...

yes, please lisa!!! You know I'll be checking ~

Anandi said...

I want to come to your place and do fun art projects!! :)

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