Saturday, June 21

The Crafty Crow Funny Food Contest

Here are my entries to this super fun contest. Read all the contest details here. It took me a while to figure out what kind of funny food to make. One of the contest rules requires that the entries be kid made. Since my kids are 4 and 23 months I had to do some thinking about how we could do this together and end up with something other than food stew. I decided to make each entry and then give them the supplies to make their own. We had a great time. My oldest really got into it.

Here is our Fruity Kitty. She is made out of yogurt, kiwi, strawberries, raisins, apple, cherries and fruit leather (for the whiskers).
Made by me.

Made by my 4 year old.

Made by my 23 month old.

The Peanut Butter Monkey is our second entry. He is made out of bread, peanut butter, bananas, and chocolate chips. I used a bowl as a template for the head and kitchen shears to cut out his ears and muzzle. The mouth is made out of crust. I had intended to cut some red fruit leather into a traditional sock monkey mouth, but decided it was more resourceful to use the crust. Think the fruit leather would have been darling, though.

Made by me.

Made by my 4 year old.

Check out the contest's flickr group. There are loads of great entires. So far my favs are the salmon patty Pac Man and the Stromboli snail.

Don't know why the monkey picture is small . . .probably just to make me crazy.


Anonymous said...

Those are fabulous! Love the monkey sandwich.

Lisa said...

ADORABLE!!!! I am hoping we can get a last minute submission in. We have had plans to do it but life has been to hectic.

Jessica said...

I love your food animals! Have you seen Mollie Katzen's Salad People? I use it all the time in the summer and school year when I cook with kiddos!

Anonymous said...

I rest my case. SuperMom.

Laura said...

Your monkey and kitty are so clever! I like that your children actually made their own faces ~ too cute! :)

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