Thursday, June 19

I'm seeing red (and turquoise)

Seems there's another baby wave passing through (don't drink the water!) - 3 friends have babies on the way. So, like the crafter I am, I started a new quilt without finishing my current one. Babies need quilts, what can I say? Chose this pattern I've been eying for sometime. Set some ground rules for myself:

1) MUST use fabric from my stash
2) Quilt must be baby size (my baby quilts tend to grow into young adolescence)

Decided to go with the current colors du jour - red and turquoise. Look how beautifully Jen from Persephone's Awakening uses this combo:

My oldest daughter even sports this combo in a thrifted dress from her Auntie.

Here's my take: I finished the blocks at Quilt Club last Saturday. Can't wait to show off the finished top. When it's finished. Someday. Hopefully soon. I'm not making any promises.


Woven Chains said...

Just let me know if you need to borrow books again for inspiration!

Your start is looking fabulous. I really like the strawberries.


Anonymous said...

the quilt pattern you chose is excellent! love it!!!

Emily & Jeff said...

love the outerspace and strawberries combo!

Anonymous said...

out here on the rez - we would call it turquoise and coral. In fact the adult clinic where I work is divided into a coral team and a turquoise team. Both colors traditional to the Navajo people...good choices they are beautiful.

Laura said...

I saw this pattern the first time you posted it, and promptly (for the first time in my life) made it for Ava. I'm going to finish the binding and then email you a picture.

Laura said...

CAN NOT WAIT to see that adorable the colors and the fabric!

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