Thursday, September 11

I Just Can't Throw 'em Away

It's true. I'm always trying to figure out new ways to use my daughters' art work. I save the big paintings for wrapping paper, but don't get to use them that often. I also have a poster frame which holds one of my favs. Here are a few new ways I've repurposed their art:

Pencil Cans. These are made from frosting containers. Cut a piece of art work 3.5 inches X 10.5 inches. Put Elmer's Glue onto the container with a stiff paint brush. I bet you could also use Mod Podge. Place the cut art work around the container and push gently. Voila! The cool thing is you can always rip off the art work and put a new piece on. Easy peasey.

Note Books. Cut your child's art work to desired size. Cut paper the same size as the cover. Fold in half. Staple. Put packing tape on the binding (optional.) These are fast and easy. A long neck stapler would allow you to make larger size books. Angry Chicken has a tutorial for hard bound notebooks that looks great.

With the lids from the frosting containers, the girls made these bead coasters. I saw this idea on the Crafty Crow (Thanks Cassi!) This activity really engaged my kids and they love using them!

There were a few people who did regular muffin tins this week. I didn't forget about you! I'll add your links on Monday when we have a traditional MTM.


Heidi Boos said...

What a great idea!! My daughter just created her first painting masterpiece (she's 2) and I couldn't bear to throw it away, but it's on a huge piece of paper, so it's always in the way. I will definitely be using one of these ideas!

Anonymous said...

It's right here:
Thanks for the shout out :D

Jessica said...

I love that notebook idea. I've been using artwork for wrapping paper for many (ahmmm, 20ish) years or so...everyone still appreciates it (although I don't finger paint it anymore!)

brianna said...

Hi, great blog! I've been doing muffin tins but haven't participated in any themes, I'd like to soon.

I also just read your profile and highly enjoyed the Breakfast Club reference..."I'm a walrus" always cracked me up!


Monkey's Mama said...

Great ideas! Is that watercolors on the notebooks? We haven't gone past tempera yet but I finally bought some of those big stamp pads today (Toy store trip after the doc visit). Grammy & G'pa better get ready for some handprint action!

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