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Where to go in Europe - PARIS

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Oh my gosh, I loved your comments on where to go in Europe. They were so much fun to read! I just looked them over again and tallied up the places mentioned. Here is a summary of where you would go:

1) PARIS - Not surprisingly it received the most shout outs!

2) ITALY - Cinque Terre mentioned most, followed by Florence then Rome. Venice and Sienna were also mentioned.

3) SWITZERLAND - the alps, Zermatt, the Jungfraujoch area, Lucerne and Italian-speaking Switzerland

4) AMSTERDAM - tied with Switzerland. There was mention of canal trips and Holland. Lovely.

5) BARCELONA - Honestly, this one surprised me - it is just not on my radar these days. Bryce and I went after college and really enjoyed ourselves there. I especially remember Gaudi park.

6) PRAGUE - Definitely on our list of places to go while we're in Europe. My in-laws have been twice and have wonderful things to say about Prague.

7) GERMANY - There were a handful of German cities mentioned, but not one that was mentioned more than once. Cologne, Berlin, Munich, and Oktoberfest (which is in Munich) Neuschwanstein castle was also mentioned twice.

8) BELGIUM - Brussels was mentioned twice. Bruges once.

The rest of the cities/countries in this list were mentioned twice.

9) NORWAY - Lilllehamer

10) AUSTRIA - Vienna


12) Greece, Portugal and London all mentioned once

I also *LOVED* the off-the-beaten path suggestions. Most were emailed to me by Katerina a fellow expat here in Lux. The places she sent me are in close proximity (1-3 hours driving) to Luxembourg.

- France
Slovenia - I *really* want to visit! I've heard nothing but wonderful things!
Strassburg - France
Monschau and Aachen - Germany
Durbuy - Belgium
Torgny - Belgium
Rheims - France
Maastricht - The Netherlands - TOTALLY want to go here. Only 2 hours away from Lux city.

Katerina suggested the castle - Burg Etz instead of Neuschwanstein.

Well, I'm happy to say that Julie and I are going to the #1 and #2 places you mentioned. First a weekend in Paris! Later in the week we'll spend 2 days in Rome and then 2 days in Florence! Julie's only must see was The Vatican. So Rome was it was! I'm extremely excited too. We didn't make it to The Vatican when we went back in February. Just think - The Sistine Chapel! It's like Art History 101 only better!

Oh, day trips. I'm thinking Vianden here in Luxembourg. Vianden is a charming town, is close by and has a great castle. Secondly, either Trier or Maastricht. Don't think we'll have time for both.

Pellet update is on it's way!! More information. New theory. Still flipped out!!


Leslie said...

this is an amazing list...i am reading through it and drooling!!! travel just is not on my radar these days. :o( i have a friend living in Germany who i am going to send this list...thanks you it is awesome

Annabel, Mikko, Marcelle and Eric said...

Me too! I`m drooling too when I really I should be in bed! I'm happy to hear that you're off to Paris though! So much for everyone and it's Paris! You just can't beat that...You are in an awesome location to see so very much of Europe (I'm jealous!) I too want to go to Prague and have only heard great things about it, I also want to go to Vienna for the Christmas markets...

As for the coffee machine discussion, I wasn't too sure what you were asking me? But I would definitely organize my kitchen to suit my coffee machine! I know my parents put their 240v outlet by the oven...I can ask them more about it if you want more info on that topic!

It's fun being able to share some perspectives from living abroad...I absolutely love your blog, you are my muse to keep me busy on my home projects! Thank you for sharing so much!

se7en said...

Here is a roaming Rome tip... It is really worth getting up early and having breakfast on the fly to get to the sites before the queues are hideous... See what you want to see and then roam the streets and people watch! And you have to have "pizza al metro" you buy your pizza by the meter, and eat out doors - never pay to sit down and it... perch on a fountain. Can you tell I would love to be there!!!

swissluxi said...

I think if I had to choose between Trier and Maastricht I would probably choose Trier, it's a lot closer to Lux then Maastricht and there are so many nice things to see like the cathedrals and all the roman ruins.

Marlo said...

I have recently starting reading your blog and I have to say I love it. My husband lived in Lux for awhile and I have been once, so I really enjoy reading about your ife there. Plus your crafts rock. I know you have been to Vianden a few times, but there is a really cute little house on the trail from the castle to the bell tower that I hope you have seen. My husband thinks it looks like something out of the Smurfs. Anyway, it does look like gnomes live there and it seems like that is right up your alley. Anyway, I can't wait to read more of your adventures. I know your European poll is over, but I wanted to say I have heard good things about the coast of Croatia, especially Dubrovnik. Have fun in Paris and eat all the macarons for us. Yum.

Potters said...

I loved Slovenia when we were traveling a few years ago. Go, if you get the chance. We really enjoyed it there. The city of Llubjana, or Lake Bled... I'd go back in a heartbeat and explore more.

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