Saturday, June 5

Cardboard Castle

Hello! No, I didn't forget about kids' week. Remember I'm the queen of best intentions. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. And the fact that it was a busy week. Busy with kid stuff - ballet class, pizza party, meeting at the school. And busy with mommy stuff - long hike with friends and a shopping trip to Thionville. At the end of the day I just wanted to veg in front of the TV, not edit pictures and try to write coherent sentences. That stuff doesn't come naturally to me. I need a clear mind to do it.

On the upside, Bryce and I finished rewatching season 3 of The Wire. Man, I love that show. The feelings I had toward certain characters (Omar, Major Colvin) just intensified during the second viewing. Stringer's death bugged me just as much as it did the first time. Not sure what we'll do when we've finished Season 5 (again!) Maybe we'll start it all over again. Yep, that's what we'll do. Tonight, instead of starting Season 4, we're going to watch Julie and Julia. I read the book a while ago. I've heard good things about the movie. Wouldn't take much to be better than the book. Just sayin'

Calafant Castle
Calafant Castle

Now, kids' week stuff. I've been wanting to tell you about this Calafant Castle. Have you seen these? It is made out of cardboard and comes disassembled. My mom brought it with her when she came to visit. She brought stickers and jewels to decorate it with. She thought it would a fun project for the girls to do with their Grandma. And she was right. First, they kicked me out of the house, then they got out paint, stickers and ribbon and went to town.

Calafant Castle
Calafant Castle

I looked Calafant up online and they make lots of really cool cardboard creations. I think these would make great birthday party gifts. Have you heard of these? What do you think about them?

Calafant Castle
More kids' week next week. Really.


This Girl loves to Talk said...

love that castle!! and i just watched julia and julie, I really liked it. was an interesting look into the life of julia childs, but oh her voice... meryl either did a good job, but it drove me crazy! lol

suddenly sahm said...

the level of pink, crafty fun in your life never ceases to amaze me.

Home School Dad said...

Julie and Julia the movie is actually about 2 books: Julie's and Julia's. My wife has read both and agrees with your assessment that it wouldn't take much to be better than Julie's book. Julia's book is another matter entirely. I read only the preface and I was hooked. My wife returned it to the Library before I got a chance to read it all. I plan to read it this summer.

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