Monday, May 2

A Royal Affair

Victoria Sponge
I was fortunate enough to be invited to a friend's house to watch the Royal Wedding. An English friend's house, at that! Not only did we celebrate Will & Kate's nuptials we also celebrated England as well. Posh frocks were adorned, tiaras dusted off and put on and, the other American and I, brushed up on the Queen's English.

The table was spread with all dishes English - strawberries & cream, coronation chicken, scones with jam & cream, a Victoria sponge (this had nothing to do with cleaning as I learned,) jacket potatoes, fairy cakes with royal toppers, and a cheese & pineapple hedgehog. For drinks we enjoyed Pimms, cremant (we were in Luxembourg, after all) and tea, of course.
Royal Wedding Cupcakes
Royal Table

An über talented friend of mine, Jennifer, knitted Kate, Will and the Queen and presented them to our hostess as a gift. The dolls were incredible! Have you seen the book the dolls were born from, Knit your own Royal Wedding? Super fun stuff!
Knitted Kate
Knitting the Royal Family
The Knitted Queen

So, what about you? Did you watch the wedding? What did you think? I loved the Queen in yellow. Almost made her seem cheerful, no? Leave a comment, let's dish about the Royal Wedding!
Watching the Wedding
Royal Teapot


This Girl loves to Talk said...

we had a party too. A high tea for my little girls and me (and my husband who watched it all!!)

Gatherings of friends and little parties were pretty popular in australia. We watched the pre wedding stuff (which i thought was more interesting - following the crowds, people attending, and OH THE HATS!!) which started at 4:30pm. The wedding was live at 6:30 pm in Australia so the time difference made it perfect to have dinner/dessert parties

Potters said...

Loved it! I watched it early in the morning before the kiddos were up. Smiling, tearing up, and loving every minute of it. Maddy got up and I managed to coax her into watching the princess wedding for a bit. Would have love to been there in person, sans kids of course. Your party looks fantastic with some yummy looking treats.

likeschocolate said...

Oh yes, we did watch it! Kate looked like a fairy princess. It was perfect! The decor the music the prayer-amazing! I cried! Glad you got to watch it with friends and have such fun party. Those knit dolls were way to cute!

se7en said...

Oh fun!!! It was a school day but my hubs popped the TV on before he left for work... and we all sat riveted the entire day!!! My three year old waved like crazy at those flower girls and sometimes they even waved back!!! Way after lunch my kid with the bottomless appetite mentioned we might want to eat... but no we didn't stop for lunch!!! We just watched on and on and eventually phoned hubs to say bring home some strawberry jam and cream because we were having scones and tea for dinner!!! A great lesson on living history as we discussed the ins and outs of the royal family!!! I guess we will catch up the skipped day this week - squash it was worth the break!!!

Lisa said...

LOVE the photo of the baby watching with the popcorn. ADORABLE. I tuned in for 5 minutes to see the dress and the girls are not even aware there was a royal wedding. In fact today I heard a friend of Nora's ask her "did you see the royal kiss?" and she just looked at HIM cluelessly:-)

Nancy D said...

I love following your blog. The party looks like a lot of fun and the knitted dolls are incredible!

I teach fourth grade in Massachusetts. A lot of us got up early to watch the wedding and the girls in my class loved the idea of the fairy tale wedding.

Julia @Mélanger said...

It's been a while since visiting. I was just actually reading a comment from you on my British desserts round up -- and then come here, and crazy, it's all about the Royal Wedding.

So glad you were able to watch with some of your English friends. Would have made it more special.

I watched it with my (very British) mother. We shed some tears! :)

The treats and the amazing knitted people are great!

Urbancowgrrl said...

We didn't end up watching the wedding because we've been so busy but it was fun to tell Emma June about a real prince getting married. I love those knitted royal family dolls! They are amazing! I would love that pattern - although I'm not sure I could make a final product that looks that good!

ayumills said...

Wow wow wow x 100! Everything about this party is so English! It must have been a fun party to celebrate royal wedding and England!

Monkey's Mama said...

I absolutely love this!

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