Friday, July 15

Addi Luxembourg #1

Clothes Line
Addi Luxembourg!

I will miss my wonderful backyard clothes line. A silly thing to miss, I know. But really it brings me such joy. On sunny days I start looking around for clothes to wash just so I can hang them up on the line. Luckily they are never in short supply. Must talk with my neighbor in Seattle about putting a line up between our houses.


Dana said...

Me too! And ironically, I have a photo of my laundry posted today, one that was prescheduled way back in June :) I will tell you, though, I would not miss the clothes line in the deep of the foggy winter where I live.
Take care, Katy!

Road Trippers said...

Oh, I just LOVE that I got to do this lovely chore with you one day. And your story about your neighbor cleaning his clothesline was so funny. Now you're a pro!

This Girl loves to Talk said...

clothes lines are very common in australia (we invented the hills hoist! and there is lots of sun I suppose)

but remember it is good for the environment and it is good for you. Sunlight can do better things than the heat from dryers!

I try to limit my use of dryer because I've read that if everybody in the world lived as the average american (or australian for that matter) we would need three earths!! I like to think that poorer people around the world deserve more therefore I personally try to use less energy to even it all out (even though it makes no sense entirely!!)

harness the sun! and enjoy those crispy clothes and linens :)

Jennifer said...

I love my clothesline too. I put one up in the U.S. and brought it here with me when we moved. Definitely put one up when you get home. Anything that can make laundry more fun is worth doing! Miss you already...

Anita said...

I had a clothesline in suburban Chicago and I used it frequently. As long as your neighborhood rules don't forbid it, you should make installing one priority one - after unpacking :-)

In fact, now that we are in an apartment in Luxembourg, my clothesline is one thing I *miss* from the US!

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