Thursday, July 21

Addi Luxembourg #5

Snow Day
Addi Luxembourg!

I will miss the snowy winters. Maybe not the cold, though.

A handful of guide books compare the weather in Lux to that in Seattle. Let me set the record straight and say that they are very different. Luxembourg gets much, much colder and for much longer than Seattle. The winters here in Lux are loooooong. The summers in Lux are shorter, generally just June and July but can get very hot and HUMID. Due to the humidity there are thunderstorms in the summer when the weather breaks. Seattle's summer is July and August and even September. There isn't any humidity. Thank God! Both places are pretty gray, though.

1 comment:

Potters said...

Don't count on summer in Seattle this year. Maybe August. But you might have to start praying to the local weather gods.

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