Friday, July 22

Addi Luxembourg #6

Barn Owl
Addi Luxembourg!

Now don't laugh, but I'll miss the wildlife here. Yeah I know I was not living in the Amazon Rainforest or in the Australian Outback, but there was some wildlife. Remember the hedge hog? That was cool. I saw another one a few weeks ago on our driveway. I've seen bats flying around our house. Also cool. And lots of great birds - hawks, (almost daily) herons, cute little blue tits and European robins. And remember the pellets I found? And once we saw a barn owl. It was magical. Eva spotted it one night from her bedroom window. She had her blinds open so she could watch the snow fall. It came and perched on our clothesline. She ran down the stairs to get Bryce and I. I'll never forget that.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so what about the things you WON'T miss?? That would be fun to hear about too!

Road Trippers said...

I'm with ya 100%.

Anonymous said...

about the owl--i just ran across a lovely picture book (my daughter found it)detailing that very experience---and a little night/snow poetic journey that followed.
i couldn't help but think of this blog post! here is the title in case your daughter might like to read is an extremely pleasant book to read (word wise):Snow Moon by Nicholas Brunelle
-a faithful reader

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