Monday, December 5

Scenes from the Weekend

It was a festive weekend! The holdiay-ing has started!

:: Annual ornament exchange party. I brought a sushi ornament this year. It wasn't the most fought over, a VW bus won that title, but it did get stolen a few times.
Zebra Cake
:: Made this zebra cake to bring to the party.
Getting the Christmas Tree
:: We got our tree!
Tree Decorating
:: We decorated the tree. The girls L.O.V.E this!
Tree Decorating
:: Unrelated to the merry making I took a photography workshop on Saturday. I rented a portrait lens for the class and really enjoyed experimenting with it. Love the bokehs!

How was your weekend?


Potters said...

Love this post, full of good stuff. And the pic of Ava and Gus is too much for me, its so sweet. Sounds like a great weekend!

Road Trippers said...

That zebra cake is so fun! I would have fought you for the sushi ornament. Potters is right -- that picture of Eva and Gus is perfect!

se7en said...

Love the tree on the roof - and how clever a zebra cake!!! Love it!!! Always love your photographs!!!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Love the tree photos and that zebra cake. Happy Holidays!

likeschocolate said...

Great scenes fromt he weekend!

Mama Llama said...

Did you rent an 85mm? Was it a big difference from your 50mm?

katy said...

mama llama - it was a 50mm with an 1.4fstop. The 50mm was just fine. Such a fun lens. I'm hoping Santa comes through. :)

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