Tuesday, December 14

Photo Ornaments

Photo ornaments
Technically they should be called, Photo Ornament Ornaments. But that isn't very catchy. Each year I like to include a little homemade offering for the grandparents, aunts & uncles. Something small and something that incorporates pictures of the girls. So far it has always taken the form of a Christmas tree ornament.

This year I sewed the girls' photo onto felt cut into the shape of a Christmas tree ornament. I think the result is pretty cute. Here are the directions in case you'd like to make a few yourself.

Use photo paper for your pictures. Computer paper is too thin.
Send me an email if you'd like the ornament templates. As you know, I haven't figured out how to add a pdf to my posts. ugh.
Step #1
1) Trace your ornament template onto the felt. Cut out.
2) Glue photo onto felt ornament. This prevents it from slipping around while you're sewing it.
Step 2
3. Sew around the edge of the photo. I used a straight stitch but you could use a zig zag.
Step 3
4. Pin ornament onto a piece of felt. Cut a 4 inch piece of trim, fold it in half and place it between the ornament and the piece of felt.
Step 4
5. Sew around the edge of the ornament. Leave a small opening for stuffing.
Step 5
6. Cut the excess felt off. Be careful not to cut off your hanger.
7. Stuff ornament with desired amount of stuffing. I lightly stuffed mine.
8. Sew opening up. I did it on the sewing machine.
Photo ornaments

Photo ornaments
Here is a photo ornament from a few years ago.


likeschocolate said...

Super cute! I am sure everyone will love them.

Potters said...

Really cute. Love this idea. I really need to take a basic sewing class. Maybe a 2011 thing to do.

Lisa said...

The girls and I will be getting busy making these today!! Thanks. And I would love a template, will email you...

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

These are great! And perfect timing since I still need to make some very last minute gifts.

Emily Malate said...

These are so cute and you make it look so easy!! I hope we get one. I love the pillow one you made a couple years ago that says Joy.

christie said...

me too, me too. I hope I get one.

Karen said...

Ohhh these are adorable !!!
I would love the template....I will
e mail you. Thank you

Unknown said...

I love picture ornaments :) come on over and link up to MMM!

Carolyn said...

I love this idea! Thank you so much!

Mika said...

Oh wow! I love how this project uses really accessible materials, and has such a professional and personal result!

Thanks so much for this!

Rachel@AllFreeHolidayCrafts said...

Wow, these really are professional looking! What a great way to add a personal touch to your Christmas tree!

I'd love to link to this project from my new holiday craft site: www.allfreeholidaycrafts.com.

Would that be okay with you? Let me know!


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