Wednesday, October 8


Bryce and I have wanted a picture wall in our house for a long time. I've been overwhelmed with this project until just recently when I saw some examples that match my aesthetic and look doable. The task just seemed too daunting - matching frames? mats? black and white? color? what pictures? I did know that I wanted it to look pulled together without being too matchy matchy. Look at these two and see what you think -

I've already started collecting pictures for this one. I decided on color pictures and brown frames that don't all have to been exactly the same. I've gotten hung up on choosing the photos- candid or posed or both? And the sizes of each one. I'm drawn to this because of the use of color. I wanted to get this done before our move, but there is no chance of that happening. So, this may be on hold until we move back to the states. I saw this collection on Poppytalk.

I love the look of this one! I also like that it uses standard 4x6 inch pictures so there is no need to special order larger prints. The solid colors in a few of the frames give the eye a place to rest and throw in some color (the use of which is one of my decorating goals.) I like how they've mixed face shots with ones of nature. This seems more casual than the first look. It's made by duct taping inexpensive frames together. It would be cute in a kids bedroom too. I saw this on Domino.

Finally picked up a frame for my Keep Calm and Carry on print. Thinking I may need one of these for each room of our house. Can't tell myself this enough.

Let's have our Halloween Challenge Tin due on Monday, October 20th instead of the 13th. Hope that's okay with you all!


Anonymous said...

They're both beautiful ... I may have to try the duct tape version.

We recently painted and now I have blank walls staring at me ... begging to be properly dressed.

I'm storing the formal art ... and instead slathering pics of our family ALL over!

Can't wait ...

Anonymous said...

That's a brilliant idea about the frames! I love the first one for vintage pics. I have gobs of photos (even tin types) of my family that I just dearly love, but didn't want them to look "Adams-ish" in all b&w... I wouldn't have thought to use such a bright and big mat. Lovely!

I like the second grouping for color shots or more informal pics... honestly both are super great ideas!

Moving MTM is great for me... Oct 20 is my birthday so it'll be fun regardless :)

Letti said...

I love love love the second grouping with the 4x6 prints. Clever!

Lia said...

Beautiful frames. I think I need "keep calm and carry on" tatooed on my arm. Thanks for extending the Halloween challange. I was thinking about it in bed last night. I'm sure the girls and I could come up with more creative ideas given more time.

Lisa said...

Love both ideas. I have one photo wall of all black frames, but different sizes and shapes. I love the small frames together for the girls' playspace. I know this next month is going to be crazy, but it will all be worth it in the end!

Angela said...

love the picture frame of 4x6's. it's a really nice way to display a whole set of photos. thanks for sharing!

Cindy said...

Love the 4X6 art install. I did a wall of family pictures...b&w, color, candid, posed all in the same color (kind of) frame but in different sizes, finish (various ornate, plain) and shapes. Didn't think to use colored mats...used a mix of beige/white/grey ones. It came out kind of like it had been there a while and just been added to whenever someone new came along. It also meant that I didn't have to make a decision! :)

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