Tuesday, October 14

A Jack-O-Lantern to DYE for

If you only have time to do one project for Halloween, this is the one! I saw this idea on Family Fun and found that it is indeed FUN and ends with great results! In fact, I brought the supplies over to a friend's house and we did it together. A tie-dye play date!

Don't be frightened off if you're not a tie-dyer. I'm certainly not. This was my first solo attempt and it could not have been easier. The directions on Family Fun are clear and easy to follow. Just have a few tidbits from my experience to add~

1) I used RIT dye in color, tangerine.

2) The box gives you 3 dying methods. I used the stove top method for one and the bucket method for the other. Couldn't use the recommended method, the washing machine, as I have a front loader.

3) The RIT directions say it may take up to 30 minutes to reach the desired color. Using the stove top method, I found it took about 10. Actually 5 minutes would have been perfect.

4) For my second batch, I just used a bucket of hot tap water. This worked just fine too, but it takes longer to reach a deep color. The photos on this post are from the bucket batch.

5) I used fabric markers to draw the faces. I found Fabri-Mark markers smeared a bit. The Crayola brand worked better. I'm guessing fabric paint would give the best result, though. *Don't use a sharpie!! The line will bleed and you will be sad.*

6) My 4.5 year old attempted to draw the jack-o-lantern faces on herself. This was too difficult. I suppose you could iron freezer paper to the back of the pumpkin shape to provide drawing stability.

7) I've washed the girls' shirts multiple times and they do not bleed!

These shirts turned out so bright and festive! I love projects like this - easy with great results. Here are a few more tie-dye pictures. My favorite is this onesie for my little niecelet - front & back.

I feel bad about the date mix up for the Halloween Challenge. I assure you that I've been collecting your pictures and links and will post them all on Monday, October 20th. I've seen such creative ideas. I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest!
Hugs to Dawn, Julie K. and Cassi for your tech help. I spent some time (too much!!) fiddling around and, well, let's just say I'm still in the fiddling stage. Thanks!
My baby spent the night in her big girl toddler bed last night. Apparently she didn't get the memo about not growing up.


Tonya said...

I love this shirt! So cute...family fun has a lot of great ideas. I understand about your little girl moving to a toddler bed. I just moved my daughter to her big girl bed last week, and it made me sad too. They grow up way too fast!

Heather S. said...

Thanks for the tips! I was wanting to try this, too, but was a little nervous since I have never tye-dyed anything before!!

Anonymous said...

I adore that shirt! Simply pumpkinalicious.

Sorry that your baby is growing up, but do you think she could talk to my six year old who refuses to sleep in her own room?

Mama Zen said...

That is adorable!

Be Brave, Keep Going said...

I so wanted to make this! Now I think I will!!!!

Hilo Sexy Readers Book Club said...

Boho Dutchy!! I love this projie.

And yes, AUDREY, You are NOT allowed to grow up! :)
See you and the big girls soon.
Love, Aunty Em

Anonymous said...

Too Cute, love the tye dye shirts!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow! I guess I missed that in Family Fun -- so glad to see it here. We will definately be getting our tie-dye on with this activity!

Welcome to our nest said...

I love this idea! So cute, I cannot wait to do this with my daughters. Thanks for the post!

Rachel@oneprettything.com said...

This is SO cute! Thanks so much for sharing this, I'll be linking.

Anonymous said...

I did it Katy! I made one for each boy and one for myself. It turned out great, was so easy and so quick. Ryan was so proud to stir his shirt in the dye and do his own rubberbands. I definitely had to do the drawing myself. Maybe paint would be easier for the kids, but much messier.

Monkey's Mama said...

Logan is still sleeping in a CRIB! We decided to make the switch after we get back from vaca.

Ryan said...

I had never tie-dyed before either but we made these as well and they're adorable! We actually had a bunch of white undershirts in the drawer so we did them all and gave them to all of their friends. BIG hit! (I love family fun activities!)

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